Overview of the Theology Program

The Canadian Institute of Theology is a Canadian organization dedicated to bringing the best of theological education to church-based training programs.

Oniline now! Understanding the Bible (follow link here)


  • CIT programs are primarily designed for those training for or serving in eldership/leadership/teaching roles.
  • They are also be available to others, with the understanding that the contents will be challenging and will not be “dumbed-down”.
  • Programs are structured so that they can be taken by those in full-time employment
  • Rather than re-inventing the wheel, we are using ‘best of breed’ resources wherever possible.


The Canadian Institute of Theology is committed to

  • a conservative evangelical view of Scripture
  • the importance of Biblical Theology as a methodology
  • a New Covenant view of Biblical Interpretation
  • the context of the local church for theological development

Course Delivery

The program utilizes four kinds of course delivery models:

  1. Independent study together with group seminars.
    • The independent study component includes videos plus specified book readings.
    • A one-day seminar, usually at the conclusion of the course, pulls together the self-study material, giving an opportunity for discussion and consolidation of ideas.
  2. Local church based.
    • Variation on A. but with videos watched in a group setting, usually organized within a local church.
  3. Regular taught lecture courses.
    • Structured so to make it possible for those will full-time jobs to attend (e.g. over a weekend).
  4. Use of other institutions.
    • Individual recommended courses from selected schools (e.g. Toronto Baptist Seminary).