Assignment 1 - Word Study

Part 1: Language and Culture

1.1 Select An English translation

Select an English translation of the passage that has been assigned to you, taken from a modern version that is fairly literal (Three suitable translations would be ESV, NKJV or NASB). This translation will be the basis for the work you do later in your paper. (It should not be a photocopy, but should be pasted from or re-typed so that it can be part of your final paper.)

1.2 Two word studies using words taken from your passage:

Choose words which are significant in the passage. Use the format and method presented in the lecture and in the example handed out, taking care to ensure that the study is based, not on the English word, but on the Greek word which underlies the English. This should be done with a computer Bible such as eSword.

(Andrew Fountain 2018-10-11)